Explore is where memories are made, this is what we really specialize in!

We will lead you through what we like to call our Backyard and share our passion for what we do and why we love it
You will build relationships with the land and the people who live and work among it, but ultimately with your family and friends who are lucky enough to share your adventures.


Capturing the memories of a day out with Explore are a big part of what we do. Everybody now has a fancy phone with cameras that take amazing images these days. We are pretty good at using them and will take every opportunity to squeeze the trigger on your behalf as well as use our own cameras.
For the ultimate collection of images of your day we recommend that "Miles Holden" join us and capture you and your family and friends among our beautiful landscape.
Miles images are what have made this website come alive, and we never miss an opportunity to bring him along on one of our Helicopter Adventures.

Check out Miles Holden's website


Fishing Memories